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Welcome to Solv Advisors, Ottawa’s premier destination for all SME Advisory needs

We are a Management Consulting firm that equips Small to Mid-sized Enterprises with Professional Service solutions to grow and thrive in a competitive business landscape. With Advisory services in Business Strategy, Capital Acquisition, Deal Brokering, Sales and Marketing, Procurement and Transformation, we serve as a comprehensive Consulting firm for all your SME needs.

Our team of seasoned experts, provide Advisory and Digital Technology services through a One-Stop shop Consulting model; empowering business owners to focus on what really matters.


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Advisory Services for SMEs

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Our Impact

We highlight a few cases where we have helped our clients achieve amazing results and the ways we have made a difference in varying companies across the spectrum  

Energy Firm

Acting as sole Strategic Advisor to an Energy firm in Off Grid power system contract in DR Congo

Anaya Arts

Our firm acts as the sole Strategic Advisor in the operations of Anaya Arts achieving an average 100%mom revenue growth rate

Carleton University

Our firm provided strategic advise in planning and managing a student getaway trip open to over 27,000 undergraduate students

Campus Rush

Strategic Advisory service provided to Non Profit organization Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada

Our Advisory Service

At Solv Advisors, we Diagnose business challenges, Innovate with outside the box strategies, Create long-term sustainable solutions and Implement business services with excellence

Operations Strategy

Every organization needs optimized operations that directly impact its bottom line. We help plan, troubleshoot and implement various techniques that bolster efficiency.

Executive Coaching

With our coaching services, we provide the needed guidance to individuals and teams to help you achieve the results you need.

Process Improvement

A firm is only as strong as its processes in place. We implement various strategies to create and implement new internal processes.

Deal Advisory

Taking future altering decisions can sometimes be a big burden and professional council is always critical. We provide Advisory services on deals of all nature.


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Welcome to Solv Advisors

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