Create a sustainable brand presence

Work with a team of social media experts whose use of media analytics tools will diagnose exactly what your brand needs and implement them to increase brand awareness and recognition.

Why your Brand Needs Social Media Management

Organized Strategy

Having  this management system helps to organize your strategy. It allows you to think long term and create relevant content way ahead of schedule.

Ensures Consistency

Managing your social media helps you to not only create en masse for the future, it allows you to revise and remove errors, ensuring that last-minute entries are eliminated.

Brand Awareness

This should be a goal for your website. A social media management system ensures that the created content is relevant, leading to an increase in engagement and brand awareness

Boost Brand Awareness and Engagement

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Plans and Pricing

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A few of our clients

Customized Plans to Suit your Business Needs

Monthly Strategy

General Page Management 

Setup and Optimization



Community Outreach Campaign

Social Media Campaign

Community Support

Production Day

Custom Graphics and Captions




120 Minutes

2 hours





1 campaign

720 Minutes 

5 hours





1 outreach camapign 

2 camapigns 

1020 Minutes

10 hours


Package Add-ons

Email Marketing


  • Strategy
  • Email Template Design 
  • Drip Campaign 
  • Lead generation 
  • Monitoring & Distribution 

Influencer Marketing


  • Influencer identification 
  • Approach Strategy
  • Relationship management 
  • KPI Coordination 

Blog Content Creation


  • Industry/Technical Content 
  • Relational/Lifestyle content 
  • 4 Blog posts.

Why our process works for you

1. Onboarding. We begin this process with a one-one meeting between you and your dedicated Social Media Manager to gain a better understanding of your goals

2. Platform Setup. We’ll do some research on which platforms work best for your brand. Once this has been completed and approved by you, we ensure they are set up, optimized, and branded.

3. Launch. We start the process of creating engaging content to grow your social following, following your approval, we begin posting content at optimized times to promote engagement.

4. OptimizeWe closely monitor the metrics on your posts and optimize your content. We also update the original strategy based on the metrics produced to ensure brand consistency.

5. Ongoing Analysis. We continuously analyze the data to make sure you are getting the results you want. We make improvements constantly, based on our expert opinions and your feedback.

6. Content Management Process. Our social media managers will build a strategy & schedule. This is also a process that you’ll be involved in throughout.