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Case Study: The Thrive Conference 


One of Solv Advisors’ clients in the strategic advisory portfolio is Anona Wellnessan organization focused on eliminating cultural barriers to accessing mental health and wellness within Black, Indigenous, racialized, and immigrant communities. Using events, educational resources, and practical tools, the organization aims to provide BIPOC, racialized, and/or immigrant communities with the skills needed to prioritize their wellness. Through the “Culture meets Wellness” Podcast, the Anona team discuss many of these issues and more.

Recently Anona Wellness hosted a two-day digital conference called Thrive Conference on August 15th and 16th that brought together successful Black and other racialized leaders from across North America to discuss how prioritizing their wellbeing has allowed them to achieve success in their respective industries. From presentations and interviews to workshops and a wellness panel, the conference was made accessible. 


From the initial project planning stages to the complete development of conference the website and launching of the event on all social media platforms, Solv Advisors was able to guide Anona Wellness to a successful event with over 150 attendees. The main goal of the conference was to bring together guest speakers and interested listeners alike to the same platform. Initially, Anona Wellness had troubles with weak ticket sales despite its best efforts in promotional activity across all social media platforms. After thoroughly evaluating the problem, Solv Advisors devised multi-phase plan to help troubleshoot the ticket sale problem. Within the few days coming up to the event, Anona Wellnesand Solv Advisors were able to effectively execute the plan and as a result, there was a boost in ticket sales.  

Whether it be project planning or operational advisory, Solv Advisors will be able to help any Small to Midsized Enterprise plan and execute, while delivering impactful results. 

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