About Us

Ottawa’s premier Management Consulting Firm for SME Professional Services

We equip Small to Mid-sized Enterprises with Professional Service solutions to thrive in a competitive business landscape. With multiple services in Advisory and Digital Media, our management consulting firm provides a comprehensive service offering for any SMEs. Our team of seasoned experts serve clients through a One-Stop shop Consulting model.

Simply put, we empower business owners to focus on what really matters.

The Bootstrapper

Starting from scratch, build your company from the ground up.

The Small Sized Business

Build and sustain growth momentum in your company.

Mid-sized Enterprise

Gain the competitive edge in your industry of operation.

What sets us apart as a Management Consulting Firm?

We provide Strategy and Deal Advisory Services to SMEs while providing them with the required Digital and Technological implementation assistance to execute.
Energy Firm

Acting as sole Strategic Advisor to an Energy firm in Off Grid power system contract in DR Congo

Anaya Arts

Our firm acts as an Investor and Strategic Advisor, successfully acquiring a 45% equity stake in the e-commerce brand

Campus Rush International

Strategic Advisory service provided to Non Profit organization Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada

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400 Cooper St #901, Ottawa, ON K2P 2H8

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400 Cooper St #901, Ottawa, ON K2P 2H8

(613) 604-5257