5 New Year’s Resolutions you need for Social Media

We don’t want to say New Year; New you because if you’re looking to revamp your social media, a total rebrand of your business is not in scope of the goal here. At the beginning of every year, we make new year’s resolutions and by the third month, we shirk them. 


Social Media Resolutions

Jonathan Alpert for Business insider says, it’s not because we’re lazy or just can’t stick to a goal, it’s because we’re not specific enough about the goal we want to achieve. He also mentions that we make resolutions that are not about ourselves. We tend to agree. There would be no use setting social media goals for your business based on how a business in a different field runs. That being said, you need to set specific social media goals for your business; goals that align with your industry. 

Have you resolved to make social media marketing a priority for your business this year? Are you struggling with putting together social media goals or do you simply not know what to do or not to do in the new year? Here are 5 resolutions to make your social media succeed this year.


1. Know what your followers are saying. Build the engagement you want to see!

This is the most obvious tip that still gets missed by most businesses today, which is why we’ve made it the first. When users like your content, they engage with it by liking a post, retweeting a tweet or simply leaving a comment. If a user can take the time amid the craziness that is all of the social media, to engage with you then the least you could do is acknowledge them. 

Set some time aside to like or reply to comments, search up your name to see what people are saying about you, respond to both good and bad comments. Even if that does not ensure a sale with one user, it influences a sale with another. It also helps your reputation as a brand that cares.

Help out those that need assistance with your product/service, offer your service to users with a need that you can resolve with your business. This year we are building a good rapport and trust with clients.   


2. Know your Buyer Personas. Adapt your Social Media content to their needs

Buyer personas are your target market. They can never be the same because different customers will have different needs for your product or service. Understanding that, in the new year, will mean that you get to influence your client’s decision-making process and this makes a huge difference in how you do social media marketing. By mapping out these personas, you get to relieve your client’s pain points and relate to their deepest needs. 

Feel free to make it fun. Give your persona a name; assign a gender, figure out where they went to university, if they went to university, where do they work. Trust me, the more you know, the better. To go further, ask yourself questions to understand how their lifestyle affects their shopping habits. Once you have your answers begin to map out their journey. For more precision, install Hotjar and Google Analytics and try to see if some of these personas exist. You might be surprised that you were spot on!


3. Know your Market and Stick to it. Stop Bugging those that are not Interested.

Contrary to popular belief, pushy salesmen do not succeed on the internet. Luckily some companies have dedicated their time to ensure that you get penalized for invading someone’s privacy. Don’t you just love it when you get to unsubscribe from an email list that you did not sign up for? Sending ad content to customers who have not expressed any interest in your product or service is a sure way to not only burn through resources but also to destroy your SEO and Google credibility. 

It might seem counter-intuitive, but having a small mailing list of interactive and engaged clients will do more for your small business than harassing a larger list of people with email marketing. Targeting the wrong consumers with broad ad groups will push your resources on ads, onto uninterested users. 

Refine your ad groups today and not only will it push your content to the feeds of those most likely to engage with it, but you will also have a higher chance of a conversion. Stop taking stabs at those you think might want your product. With thorough research, relevant keywords, easy CTA’s and succinct copy shoot a targeted shot this year!

4. Know Your Numbers. Measure your Success and Failures.  

Social Media Analytics is arguably as important as marketing on social media. You need to know how well you’re doing and how much return is being received from the investment you’re making on social media. Social media analytics gives you an understanding of how users interact with your posts and behave on your pages. It also measures your success based on industry standards, so you know how well you’re doing compared to other people in your industry. 

It’s not enough to go by just the follower count or the likes on a post – This has even been deprecated on Instagram. How well are your users engaging on your content, are your call to actions being seen and are they calling users to action?

If you haven’t already, add google analytics to your website. Create an excel sheet and export all the analytic data from your social media account. Set a goal for each metric and work towards that. This year, pay as much attention to the numbers as you do the content. 


5. Know when you need help. 

Having a small business can be 1 part exciting and 2 parts worrisome. As a small business owner, you need to when to admit to yourself that you need help. There is no shame in admitting that you cannot run your social media accounts at optimum capacity. At this point, you need to outsource.

Sites like Fiverr are great for providing these resources when needed. Better still lookout for small digital agencies like Solv Advisors dedicated to helping small businesses succeed. We not only understand what it means to be a small business we are experts at understanding different markets and crafting digital solutions to helping your business grow online

Feel better with all these tips? It doesn’t end there. Get a jump start on your new year’s resolution, For 20$ today get on a call with a Social Media expert at Solv advisors. Get an audit of your social media accounts and tailored solutions to your social media needs. 

We want to set you up for success this year, reach out to us today. Let us help you succeed at Social Media Marketing.

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