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Tier 1 Non-profit organization engages Solv Advisors to support a committee in planning a hassle-free post-Covid reopening plan

Pandemic Strategy


The COVID 19 pandemic led to the banning of all public gatherings over 5 people leaving many organizations such as our client handicapped in their operations. The shutdown led to the cancellation of many preplanned conferences, events and weekly gatherings.

As the pandemic died down and restrictions eased off, the client needed advice on how to safely and effectively allow its 1000+ membership back into weekly programmed events.

The Approach:

A committee was created to oversee the process and Solv Advisors engaged to participate in the process. We Proposed a 3 stage implementation plan that allowed reopening in controlled numbers while ensuring the safe entry, spacing and exit of all members.


The organization has had 2 months of smooth events with no cases of COVID 19 and has successfully reached stage 3 of its implementation plan.

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