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We seek to create value for your business at every opportunity. At every point of the engagement we look at ways to leverage our expertise at Solv Advisors to gain iterative benefits for your organisation within every division engaged with us such as Finance, Procurement, Operations and Customer Experience.

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Our Results Summarized

Strategic Advisory

We acted as the primary Strategic Advisor for the project, providing detailed guidance and council

Customer Journey

Created the user stories across the customer journey to form eCommerce strategy for the target customer base.

Implementation Timeline

Assisted in executing product design, vendor targeting, streamlining order fulfilment, and managing the product line.

Product Diversification

Expanded the product portfolio by targeting products that were synergetic to the brand and expanded the geographic coverage


Acted as sole Strategic Advisor to a service based business in Canada.

Our Firms Role:

Solv advisors acted as a Strategic Advisor for a service-based business that was looking to expand its revenue streams in Canada. This was necessitated by a significant decline in revenues generated YOY, due to country wide shut-downs during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Diversification Strategy


  1. Help qualify and validate the guarantee provided by the government with associated BOT documentation
  2. Advising on the engagement of engineering firms to execute contract requirements
  3. Structuring approach to acquire new partners and investors for various divisions of the 200MW allocation
  4. Advise on all aspects of the transaction and participate in all deliberations and negotiations.
  5. Help understand the brand value of the business to advise on potential portfolio expansion
  6. Propose a potential product roadmap within the company’s ability in terms of resources, skillset, and workforce to implement. 
  7. Research the market to assess the opportunities in terms of Revenue Potential vs Market Entry
  8. Identify the tools needed to be leveraged by the business to ensure the success of this endeavor. 


  1. Created user profiles of target customers to assist understanding pain points that the company can solve with ideal product offering.
  2. Formulated an eCommerce strategy to provide the product offerings to the targeted customer segments.
  3. Based on the results of our research, Solv Advisors built a compelling case for a 2-pronged approach.
    1. Identified synergetic products that would leverage the brand value of the business to enter the market with relative ease.
    2. Allow newly identified products to be available to the North American market by entering into the eCommerce space.
  4. Created an implementation timeline for the company to execute, covering the following aspects.
    1. Finalizing the product design 
    2. Identifying vendors for product sourcing and placing MOQ 
    3. Setting up the digital space on a hosting platform to showcase the ordered products
    4. Launching Ad campaign that reaches the target audience through proper channels. 
    5. Soft-launching the product for Beta-testing purposes. 
    6. Streamlining fulfillment of orders
    7. Officially launching the product line

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