Raising $7M+ for a Canadian Non-profit organization

Leading the Capital Acquisition Efforts

Acquisition Strategy


Ottawa, Canada


Strategic Advisory, Implementation


A leading non-profit organization sought our expertise in its fund-raising efforts towards the construction of some retail facilities in Ottawa’s suburbs. We led efforts in laying out financial projections for the project, contacting financial institutions and engaging in negotiations on behalf of the client.


The Challenge:

  • Identifying financial institutions with the appetite for the project in question.
  • Creating a compelling argument for undertaking such a project in a pandemic environment.

The Approach:

  • Leaning on past relationships with financial institutions versus entirely new ones.
  • Modelling cash flow generating activities/facilities into the project; increasing its attractiveness to financiers.

The Outcome:

  • Successfully received financing proposal from financial institution of over $7M+ of additional financing for the organization towards project
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